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An interactive app that illustrates and teaches the lineage/genealogy of the royal line of Queen Elizabeth II utilizing Beasts (heraldic icons).

Also, a creative and informative supplement for those who enjoy historical films and/or series, such as The Royal House of Windsor, Victoria, The Last Czars and Netflix’s The Crown.


The Queen’s Beasts app features 25 screens detailing individuals in the lineage of Queen Elizabeth II – encompassing her entire genealogy from 1066 through the present.


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Interactive Timeline

A special feature of the Queen’s Beasts app is the Printable Interactive Timeline. Pictured above is the House of Tudor section of the Timeline. From the Interactive Timeline, you can click on any image to view that individual’s personal information screen. The Timeline is printable.

The Interactive Timeline incorporates music, art, text, and narration to enhance the user’s experience. An enjoyable way to learn the history of the Monarchs of Britain and the United Kingdom. This multi-sensory app has been created to appeal to general audiences as well as to meet the needs of students.

Queen’s Beasts Navigation 
to Lineage, Shields and Beasts pages  

From the Queen’s Beasts Home page, you can navigate to the three main sections: The Interactive Timeline which links to individual genealogy pages; to the heraldic Shields screens; and the Beast’s screens.


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Heraldic Shields

Before the myriad British kingdoms were united, they fought many battles with each other. The separate kingdoms / houses established colors and beasts to distinguish friend from foe during battle. One of the best known standards was the blue shield with the Golden Lions of Richard the Lionhearted. All 10 Shields are detailed on separate screens.


The Beast figures were developed by Henry VIII to cement the establishment of the houses of the new United Kingdom after his father, Henry VII, ended the brutal War of the Roses (Game of Thrones). To support her right to become the, now, longest reigning British monarch, the Beasts were placed along the coronation procession of the young Queen Elisabeth II. All 10 Beasts are detailed on separate screens.




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The King’s Beasts app, detailing the lineage/genealogy of King Henry VIII and several of his wives, from earlier than 1066 to the present, will launch in 2021.



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UK Royal Beasts produces interactive, educational, and historical apps for students and others to learn about the history of the United Kingdom.

The Team: When Apple released the iPad, the first 10,000 Apple approved apps included the bilingual educational app: IntroDUCKtion to Very, Very Big Feelings. The same management team and content creators are involved in creating The UK Royal Beasts apps.


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